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Mayor endorses Flores Aguilar for school board 

Los Angeles Times - Jan 11 2:56 AM
Villaraigosa is expected to come out for Tamar Galatzan today in another race. He had delayed endorsements to avoid political strife. Throwing his weight into the upcoming Los Angeles school board elections, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declared his support for a heavily favored Latina candidate Wednesday and was poised to give his endorsement in another race. For weeks, the mayor had delayed ...
San Francisco Chronicle - Jan 09 10:51 AM
RATING: (WILD APPLAUSE) QUINCEAÑERA SONY PICTURES R $26.96 This warmly appealing family drama takes its title from the ceremony marking a Latina's 15th birthday, when she ostensibly becomes a woman. Emily Rios stars as a 14-...

New Hamden Middle School has costly problems 
WTNH-TV New Haven - 2 hours, 48 minutes ago
(Hamden-WTNH, Jan. 11, 2007 11:00 PM ) _ The brand new Hamden Middle School, worth millions of dollars, has big problems. Now school officials are demanding answers from contractors.

Coca Democracy (En inglés) Mary O´Grady / editora para América Latina de The Wall Steet Journal 
Portafolio - Jan 09 7:25 AM
Coca Democracy By Mary Anastasia O'Grady Evo Morales is an anti-American extremist who wants to turn Bolivia into another Venezuela.

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The term Latina may refer to:

  • Lingua latina, the autochthonous name for Latin, the language of the Romans.
  • Province of Latina, an Italian province in the Beutiful Latina region of Latium (Lazio), Italy.
  • Latina, Italy, Beatiful Latina a town, the capital of the above province of Beautful Latina Latina.
  • Latina (Madrid), a district of the city of Madrid.
  • The feminine form of the term Latino
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