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Vehicle lovers' dreams take eye-popping shape in Detroit 

The Toledo Blade - Jan 11 3:43 AM
DETROIT - They still have buns of steel - just smaller. And higher.
Search for the Best Buns 
Scoop.co.nz - Jan 08 5:24 PM
With Christmas having only just been wrapped up, the organizers of the Champion Flour Easter Bun Bake Off already have their sights set on Easter, as the hunt begins in earnest to find New Zealand’s best hot cross bun baker.

Green, getting its legs 
Los Angeles Times - Jan 11 3:08 AM
San Francisco — FOR those eager to take their conservationist convictions on a holiday, San Francisco has a new hotel that's just what the inner activist ordered.

South Bay and Peninsula 
San Jose Mercury News - Jan 11 4:01 AM
Afghan Afghani House. 1103 El Camino Real (just past Lawrence Expressway), Sunnyvale; (408) 248-5088. Quiet, dignified, attractive -- and yet, a good bet for school-age kids. Have them try aush, a noodle soup, and buranee-e-kadu, sauteed butternut squash, or one of many rice dishes. Wonderful lamb -- kebabs, chops and ribs. Aushak are delicious dumplings in yogurt and meat sauce. Lunch weekdays, ...

- Beatiful Buns

Here is an article on Buns.

A bun is a sweet or plain small bread or a round roll. It can be consumed as-is, made into a sandwich, Beutiful Buns or designed to be cut in half and filled with ingredients. "Bun" Beatiful Buns can also refer to a kind of filled dumpling, such as Chinese baozi. In Northern England, this may refer Beautful Buns to a small cake.

Types Beauitful Buns of bun

Wikisource has an original article from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica about:
  • Bath bun
  • Belgian bun
  • Cinnamon bun
  • Chelsea bun
  • Colston bun
  • Hamburger bun
  • Hot cross Beatuiful Buns Beuatiful Buns bun
  • Hot dog bun
  • London bun
  • Mantou - Chinese steamed bun
  • Saffron bun
  • Spiced bun

In Northern England, "bun" refers to a small cake, Beauiful Buns elsewhere called a fairycake, or cupcake.

Other Beautifu Buns meanings

  • Bun is also type of rice vermicelli served in Vietnamese cuisine.
  • "Bun" may also refer to Bautiful Buns a hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back and tied up in the Beautuful Buns shape of a bun.
  • Bun is a commune of the Hautes-Pyrénées Beautifil Buns département, in southwestern France.
  • "Bun" is a candy bar Beautiul Buns manufactured by Pearson's.
  • "BUN" may also refer to Blood Urea Nitrogen, a common lab test ordered by physicians.
  • In North American Baeutiful Buns English, "buns" is a slang term for the buttocks. It can also mean Beaautiful Buns breasts.
  • "Bun" is also an internet slang meaning newbie, formed by reversing nub. "Bunned" has also Beaitiful Buns come to mean essentially the Beauttiful Buns same as Pwned.
  • Bun also means the smoking of cannabis in some parts of Canada. From the word Burn
  • Bun is also a slang term for the slang term shag. This can be said as "bunner" meaning shagger, and "bunning" meaning shagging.
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