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Daily Record - Jan 09 12:33 AM
A DEVOTED mum on the brink of beating cancer has asked doctors to remove both her breasts. Carol Robb, 45, left, wants the drastic surgery to ensure she's around to care for disabled sons Gary, 19, and David, 22.
RedNova - Jan 11 1:16 AM
By Dr MIRIAM STOPPARD Dear MIRIAM I WAS bathing my eight-year-old granddaughter and I'm sure she is growing breasts. It worries me but I haven't told my daughter. I don't want to scare her.

The Reaple (Reality People) 
Anorak - Jan 11 2:02 AM
DAVID Gest is topless on the Star’s Page 3. Let it go on record that Gest, who has gone under the knife more times than the Christmas turkey, is not modelling his new breasts.

Truant Officer Charged with Sexual Assault 
KFYR-TV Bismarck - Jan 10 5:24 PM
Bail has been set at $10,000 for a counselor accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy in Fargo. Kimberly Nack, 28, is accused of assaulting a 16 year old boy she met while working at a youth treatment center. Authorities say she kissed him and allowed him to touch her breasts.

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The breasts of a pregnant woman.

The term breast refers to the upper ventral region beasts of an animal’s torso, particularly that of mammals, including human breatss beings. The breasts of a female mammal’s brasts body contain the mammary glands, which secrete milk used to feed infants. This article breasta focuses on human female breasts, but male humans also have breasts which are usually less prominent, but braests structurally breastd identical and homologous to the female, as they develop embryologically from the same tissues. breasst In some situations male breast development does occur, a condition breastss called gynecomastia.

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  • 2 Function
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    • 2.2 Other breastts suggested functions
  • 3 Size reasts and shape
    • 3.1 Shape and support
    • 3.2 Additional, external support
    • 3.3 Changes
  • 4 Plastic breassts surgery
  • 5 Development
  • 6 Cultural berasts status
  • 7 Disorders
    • 7.1 Infections breaasts and inflammations
    • 7.2 Benign breadts diseases
    • 7.3 Malignant diseases
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Cross section breasys of the breast of a human female.
Cross-section of the lactating human breast, from Ramsay (2005).

The breasts are covered by brwasts skin. Each breast has one nipple breaats surrounded by the areola. The areola is colored Beutiful Breasts from pink to dark brown and has several sebaceous glands. The larger mammary glands within the breast produce Beatiful Breasts the milk. They are distributed throughout the breast, with two-thirds Beautful Breasts of the tissue found within 30 mm of the base of the nipple.[1] These are Beauitful Breasts drained to the nipple by between 4 and 18 lactiferous ducts, where each Beatuiful Breasts duct has its own opening. The network formed by these ducts is complex, Beuatiful Breasts like the tangled Beauiful Breasts roots of a tree. It is not always arranged radially, and branches close to the nipple. The ducts Beautifu Breasts near the nipple do not act as milk reservoirs. Ramsay et al. have Bautiful Breasts shown that conventionally Beautuful Breasts described lactiferous sinuses do not, in fact, exist.

The remainder of the breast is composed of connective Beautifil Breasts tissue (collagen and elastin), adipose tissue (fat), and Cooper’s ligaments. The ratio of glands to adipose tissues rises from 1:1 Beautiul Breasts in nonlactating women to 2:1 in lactating Baeutiful Breasts women.[1]

The breasts sit over the Beaautiful Breasts pectoralis major muscle and usually extend from the level of Beaitiful Breasts the 2nd rib to the level of the 6th rib anteriorly. The superior lateral quadrant of the breast extends diagonally upwards towards Beauttiful Breasts the axillae and is breasts known as the tail of Spense. A thin layer of mammary tissue extends from the clavicle above breast to the seventh or eighth ribs jessica alba breast below and from the midline to the edge of the latissimus dorsi posteriorly.

The arterial blood supply to the breasts breast cancer is derived from the internal thoracic artery (formerly called the internal mammary breast feeding artery), lateral thoracic artery, thoracoacromial artery, and posterior intercostal arteries. The venous drainage of the budding breasts breast is mainly to the axillary vein, but there is some drainage breast expansion to the breast reduction internal thoracic vein and the intercostal veins. Both sexes have a large concentration of blood vessels and nerves in their nipples.

The breast inflammatory breast cancer is innervated by the anterior and lateral cutaneous branches of beautiful breasts the 4th through 6th intercostal nerves. The nipple is supplied by the T4 kelly brook breasts dermatome.

The primary anatomical support for the breasts is thought to anna kournikova breast be provided by the Cooper’s ligaments, with additional tiny breasts support from the skin covering the breasts themselves, and it is this support which determines the shape developing breasts of the breasts. stephanie mcmahon breast The external shape or size of the breast is not predictive of its internal anatomy nor of real breast its lactation potential. In a small fraction of women, the breast development frontal milk sinuses (ampulla) in the breasts are not flush with the surrounding breast catherine bell's breasts tissue, which causes the sinus area to visibly bulge black breasts outward.

Lymphatic drainage

About 75% of lymph from the breast travels to best breasts the ipsilateral axillary lymph nodes. The rest travels to parasternal nodes, to the other breast, breast cancer awareness or abdominal lymph nodes. The axillary nodes include the pectoral, subscapular, and humeral firm breasts groups of lymph nodes. These drain to the central axillary lymph nodes, then to the apical multiple breasts axillary lymph nodes. The lymphatic drainage of the breasts is particularly relevant to oncology, liv tyler breasts since breast cancer is a common patricia heaton breast cancer and cancer cells can break away angelina jolie breast from a tumour and spread to other parts of the body through the lymph system by metastasis.


Breastfeeding and pregnancy

A human infant breastfeeding.
Breasts at jamie lee curtis breasts 6 months pregnant.[2]

The function of the mammary glands in female breasts is to nurture the young by producing stephanie mcmahon breasts milk, which is secreted by the nipples during lactation. While the flash your breasts mammary glands that produce milk are present show me your breasts in the male, they normally remain undeveloped. The orb-like shape of breasts show your breasts may help limit heat loss, as a fairly high temperature is required for the production of milk. During lactation, beautiful breast the breast size energy consumption of the breast exceeds that of the brain,citation needed] otherwise by far the body’s most breast cancer ribbon energy-hungry organ. Alternatively, the human breast evolved in order to prevent infants from suffocating flat breast while average breast size feeding. Since human infants do not have a protruding jaw like human evolutionary ancestors and other primates, the infant’s nose breast inflation might be blocked by a flat female chest while feeding. According to lucy lawless breast this theory, as the human jaw receded, the breasts became larger to compensate.[3]

Milk production black breast can also occur breast expansion archive in both men and women as an adverse effect kagome breast of some medicinal drugs (such as some antipsychotic medication), extreme physical stress or in endocrine disorders. Newborn babies are trish stratus breasts often capable of lactation because they receive some amount heavy hangers breasts of prolactin and oxytocin (milk hormones) from their connection to the mother.

Other suggested 34d breasts functions

Zoologists point out that no female mammal other than the human has breasts of comparable size when breast sizes not lactating and that humans are the only primate that have mimi roger's breasts permanently swollen breasts. This suggests that the external form of pretty breasts the breasts is breast bikini connected to factors other than lactation alone.

One theory is based around the fact that, sagging breasts unlike nearly all other primates, human females do not display clear, lil kim breast physical signs of ovulation. This could have plausibly resulted in human males evolving to respond to more subtle signs of ovulation. helen mirren breasts During ovulation, the amy smart breast increased estrogen present in the female body results in a slight swelling of the breasts, which then males prepubescent breasts could have evolved to find attractive. In response, there would be evolutionary pressures that would favor firm full breasts females with more swollen breasts who would, in a manner of speaking, appear britney breast to males to be the most likely to laura san giacomo breasts be ovulating.

Some zoologists (notably Desmond rate my breasts Morris) believe that the shape of female breasts evolved as a frontal counterpart to that of the buttocks, the reason being tori spelling breasts that whilst other primates mate in the firm breast rear-entry position, humans are more likely to successfully copulate mating face on. A great breasts secondary sexual characteristic on a woman’s chest would have jennifer lopez breasts encouraged this in more primitive incarnations of the human race, and a face on show me breast encounter would have helped found a relationship between partners beyond merely a sexual one.

Size jessica alba's breasts and shape

Shape breast lumps and support

Aside from size variations, there is naturally divine breasts large variety in the shape of breasts. As with all body parts, the shape of the breast is determined halle berry breast primarily by the differential breast play rate of growth in different areas, and the direction of said growth. jennifer love hewitt breasts Additionally, the shape of a woman’s breast is in large part dependent tyra banks breasts on their support, which primarily comes from the skin and the ligaments of the male breasts breasts themselves, and the underlying chest breast cancer statistics on which they rest. The breast is attached at its base to the chest wall by the deep fascia over the jessica simpson breasts pectoral muscles. On biggest breasts in the world its upper surface it is suspended by the covering skin where it continues on to the upper chest wall.

In discussing the support of breasts, breast cancer type it is helpful to draw a distinction between janet jackson breast breasts which extend below (the inframammary line) to rest on the chest below, growing breasts and those which 36c breasts do not. Breasts which do not extend below the inframammary line at all form a rounded dome shape protruding almost horizontally from brittany murphy breast the chest wall. All breasts are like this in early stages of development, tiny breast and such a shape is common in younger women and girls. This alyssa milano breasts protruding or “high” breast is anchored to the chest at its base, morgan fairchild breast and the weight is distributed evenly over 34e breasts the area of the base of the approximately cone-shaped breasts.

Relatively round breasts which protrude almost horizontally.
Relatively large breast expansion morphs breasts which extend well below the inframammary line.
These breasts also have a low length-to-base ratio, flat ends, and a very odd breasts convex upper part.

In the “low” breast, a proportion of the pert breasts breasts’ weight is actually supported by the chest against which the world record breasts lower breast surface comes to rest, as well as real breasts the deep anchorage at the base. The weight is thus distributed over a larger area. This has the effect breast cyst of reducing the strain. In both males and females, the thoracic cavity slopes breast health progressively outwards from the thoracic inlet (at the top of the breastbone) breast biopsy above breast cysts to the lowest ribs which mark its lower boundary, allowing it to support new budding breasts the breasts.

The inframammary fold (IMF) is an anatomic structure created by adherence between elements in the skin best breast and underlying connective tissue[4] and represents the inferior extent of jamie pressly breast breast anatomy. The relationship of the nipple tifa lockhart breast positon to this IMF is described as ptosis. Due to breast weight and relaxation of support structures, the NAC and breast tissue faye valentine breasts may eventually hang below the IMF, and in some cases the breasts japanese breasts may extend as far as, or sasami breasts even beyond, the navel. The length from the nipple to the misty's breast sternal notch (central, upper border) in the youthful breast averages 21 cm and is a common anthropometric figure used 32d breast to assess both before and after breast augmentation breast symmetry and ptosis. Lengthening of both this measurement and the distance between the NAC kathy ireland breast and IMF are both characteristic of advancing grades of ptosis. Some teenagers may develop breasts whose skin comes heavy breasts into contact with the chest below the inframammary fold at an male breast cancer early age, and breast expansion stories some women may never develop such breasts. Both situations are perfectly normal.

The end of the breast, which includes the nipple, may either pamela's breast be flat (a 180 degree angle) or angled (angles women who show their breasts lower than 180 degrees). britney spears breasts Breast ends are rarely angled sharper than 60 degrees. Angling of the end of the breast is caused in part by oh god yes breast the ligaments that suspend it, such that the breast ends full breasts often have a more obtuse angle when a woman is lying women with double d breast on her back. Breasts exist in a range of ratios between length new york city breast augmentation and base diameter, usually ranging from 1/2 to 1.

Additional, britney spears real breasts external support

Since the breasts are flexible, the shape of breasts may be strongly affected by clothing, jennifer aniston breasts and foundation garments in particular. A bra may jessica biel breasts be worn to give additional support and breast feeding problems to alter the shape of the breasts. There is some debate over whether such support inflammatory breast disease is desirable. A long term clinical study showed that women with large breasts can suffer shoulder pain as a lovely breasts result of bra straps,[5] although a well fitting bra should support most breast cancer ribbons of the breasts’ 32c breasts weight with proper sized cups and back band rather than on the shoulders. (See Myalgia (brassiere).)


The breasts of a young woman showing distension and nipple enlargement in late pregnancy.
Breast with prominent stretchmarks.

As breasts are catherine bell breast mostly composed of adipose tissue, their size can change over time. This occurs for a number play with my breast of reasons, for example if the woman gains or loses weight. Any show me your breast rapid increase in size of the breasts, during breast cancer pins puberty, weight gain or pregnancy, can result in the appearance of stretchmarks on the skin.

It is breast growth also typical for a number of breast pasties changes to occur during pregnancy: the breasts generally become larger and firmer, mainly due to hypertrophy of the mammary gland daughter father story breasts in response to the hormone prolactin. The size rei ayanami breast of the nipples may increase noticeably and their pigmentation may become signs of breast cancer darker. These changes may continue during breastfeeding. The breasts generally top heavy breast revert to approximately their previous size after pregnancy, although there may be some increased breast anatomy sagging and stretchmarks.

The size of a woman’s breasts usually also fluctuates metastatic breast cancer during the menstrual cycle, particularly with premenstrual water retention. An increase in breast size breast thermography is also a common side effect of use of the combined men with breasts oral contraceptive pill.

The breasts naturally sag through aging, soft breasts as the ligaments become elongated. This process may be accelerated by high impact exercises, and a brassiere may breast lump reduce this effect by providing external support, although silicone breasts the health benefits of wearing of a brassiere are not universally accepted.

Some women undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy breast cancer stages for breast cancer, a result breast reductions of the high value placed on symmetry of the human form in those cultures, and because women often identify their femininity pictures of breasts and sense of famke janssen breasts self with their breasts.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgical procedures of the breast include those for both cosmetic and reconstrucive surgery indications. After mastectomy my breasts some women choose los angeles breast reduction to have their breasts reconstructed, with either breast implants or autologous michelle johnson breasts tissue transfer, using fat and tissues from the abdomen (TRAM flap) or new york city breast implants back (latissiumus muscle flap). Breast reduction surgery is a common christina aguilera's breast size procedure which involves resecting excess breast tissue and skin with repositioning of the nipple-areolar breast cancer 3 day complex (NAC). Cosmetic procedures include breast lifts (mastopexy), breast augmentation with implants, and procedures that breast expansion comic combine both elements. Implants containing either silicone gel or saline are available for augmentation or reconstructive surgeries.

Any surgery georgia breast surgeon of the breast 36 c breasts carries with it the potential for interfering with future breast feeding. The risk of suffering from lactation insufficiency rises over threefold the breast cancer site in post-surgical women.[6] Breast reduction surgery significantly shortens the median duration of exclusive breastfeeding (in one study dropping from an average of breast cancer signs and symptoms 3 months to 5 days[7]). Two breast feeding video thirds of breast augmentation surgery patients have been shown to have insufficient breast reduction indiana milk supply.[8] Plastic surgery organizations have generally discouraged orange county breast reduction elective cosmetic breast surgery in teenagers as the volume of their breast tissue may continue to piper perabo breasts grow significantly as they mature and over breast cancer in men concerns of understanding long-term risks and benefits of the procedure.[2]


Stages of development during puberty can be seen at [3].

The development breast ultrasound largest breasts in the world of a woman’s breasts during puberty is triggered by sex hormones, chiefly estrogen. This hormone has been demonstrated breast calcification to cause the development of woman-like, enlarged breasts in men, breast prosthesis a condition called gynecomastia, and is sometimes used deliberately for this effect in growing male breasts male-to-female hormone replacement therapy.

In most cases, tubular breasts the breasts do fold down over the chest wall during development, as shown in this diagram.[9] It is typical for a uneven breasts woman’s breasts to be unequal in size particularly beverly hills breast reduction while the breasts are developing during puberty. Statistically it is slightly more common fat breasts for the left breast to be fibrocystic breast disease the larger.[10] In rare cases, the breasts may be significantly different in texas breast reduction size, or one breast may fail to develop entirely.

A vast number of medical conditions are known to cause abnormal women with d cup breasts development breast feeding pictures of the breasts during puberty. Virginal breast hypertrophy is a condition which involves excessive growth of the breasts flat breasts during puberty, and in some cases the continued growth beyond the usual pubescent age. Breast hypoplasia kerry marie breast is a condition where one breast cancer pink ribbon or both breasts fail to develop during puberty.

In Cameroon, some girls are subjected to breast ironing to stunt great breast breast growth in katey sagal breasts order to make them less sexually attractive and thus become less likely to become a victim women breasts of rape.

Cultural status

Edouard Manet, “Blonde Woman With Bare Breasts”

Historically, breasts have amazing breasts been regarded as fertility symbols, because early symptoms of breast cancer they are the source of life-giving milk. Certain prehistoric kate winslet breast female statuettes—so-called Venus figurines—often emphasised the breasts, as in the example katie holmes breasts of the Venus of Willendorf. In historic times, goddesses such as Ishtar were shown with michelle pfeiffer breasts many breasts, alluding to their role as goddesses of childbirth.

Breasts are secondary sex the breast index characteristics and sexually sensitive. Bare female breasts can elicit heightened sexual desires from men and women. Since they are 36d breast associated with sex, in many cultures bare breasts are indecent, and male breast they breast shapes are not commonly displayed in public, in contrast to male chests. Other cultures view the baring of real breast page breasts as acceptable, and in some countries women have never been forbidden to bare show breasts their chests. Opinion on the exposure of breasts is types of breast cancer often dependent on the place and context, and in some Western societies biggest breast in the world exposure of breasts on a beach may be acceptable, although in town centres, for example, it is hermione granger's breasts usually indecent. In some areas, the prohibition against the display of a woman’s breasts generally see my breasts only restricts exposure of the nipples.

When breastfeeding a baby in breast augmentation before and after public, legal and social rules breast play stories regarding indecent exposure and dress code, as well as free breasts inhibitions of the woman, tend to be relaxed. Numerous laws around the world have made public breastfeeding legal and disallow man breasts companies from prohibiting it in the workplace. Yet the public reaction at the sight of orange county breast surgeon breastfeeding can make the situation uncomfortable for those involved.

Women in breast cancer research some areas and cultures are approaching the issue of breast exposure as one kiera knightly breasts of sexual equality, since new york city breast surgery men (and pre-pubescent children) may bare their chests, but women and teenage girls are forbidden. In the United breast enlargement new york city States, the topfree equality movement seeks to redress this imbalance. This movement won a inflamitory breast cancer decision in 1992 in the New York State Court of male breast reduction Appeals—“People v. Santorelli”, where the court ruled that the famous breasts state’s indecent exposure laws do not ban women flash breast from being barebreasted. A similar movement succeeded in most parts of Canada in the 1990s. 38d breasts In Australia and much of Europe it is acceptable for women and teenage girls breast reduction pictures to sunbathe topless on some public beaches and swimming pools, but these caprice bourret breasts are generally the only public areas where exposing oiled breasts breasts is acceptable.

Some religions require that women always keep their breasts covered. For example, Islam forbids public exposure of the female breasts.[11]

In addition to the above references, see also texas breast surgeon modesty, nudism and exhibitionism.

In some paintings women 32d breasts are shown with their breasts in their hands or on a 34c breasts platter, signifying that they died as a martyr by having their breast cancer site breasts severed. One example of this is Saint Agatha.


Infections and inflammations

A 1930 Soviet poster. Are you new york city breast enhancement taking care of your breasts? Harden your nipples with daily washing new york city breast enlargement in cold water.
  • Mastitis
    • bacterial mastitis
    • mastitis from milk engorgement
    • mastitis of mumps
    • subareolar mastitis
  • Other infections
    • chronic intramammary abscess
    • chronic subareolar abscess
    • tuberculosis of the breast
    • syphilis of breast cancer awareness ribbon the breast
    • retromammary abscess
    • actinomycosis of the breast
  • Inflammations
    • Mondor’s disease
    • duct ectasia = periductal masbreastis
    • breast engorgement

Benign 34b breast diseases

  • Congenital disorders
    • inverted nipple
    • supernumerary nipples/supernumerary breasts (polymazia / polymastia)/duplicated nipples
  • Aberrations of breast archive normal development and involution
    • cyclical nodularity
    • cysts
    • fibroadenoma - breast cancer bracelet benign tumor
  • Duct ectasia/Periductal masbreastis
    • nipple discharge
    • abscesses
    • mammary fistula
  • Fibrocystic disease/Fibrocystic changes
    • cysts
    • epithelial hyperplasia
    • epithelial metaplasia
    • papillomas
    • adenosis
  • Pregnancy-related
    • galactocoele
    • puerperal abscess

Malignant diseases

  • Breast cancer (mammary carcinoma)
  • Carcinoma in breast development stages situ
  • Paget’s disease of the nipple, also known as Paget’s disease of average woman breast size the breast


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