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Inghams Have Share Of Ecstasy And Agony In Racing 

Virtual Form Guide - Jan 11 2:31 AM
Inghams, the people who put chicken on everybody's tables and who ploughed much of the profits into giving Australians a thousand moments of joy through their huge involvement in breeding and racing, have had their share of ecstasy and agony at the races.
Sunday Mirror - Jan 09 10:58 PM
LEONA Lewis told yesterday of the secret agony behind her X Factor triumph - and how her family's love gave her strength to go on. The 21-year-old star is haunted by the deaths of two teenage cousins and an aunt, and the trauma of seeing a third cousin jailed for gang rape.

A Mideast Pawn, and a Father?s Agony 
New York Times - Jan 10 9:17 PM
An Israeli?s quiet life in Western Galilee has been transformed since his son was captured by Palestinian militants.

Killen's Pittodrie agony 
Edinburgh Evening News - Jan 11 4:29 AM
HIBS were today reeling from the news that top scorer Chris Killen could be out of action for months after crashing to the turf in the dying seconds of last night's Tennent's Scottish Cup clash at Pittodrie.

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Here is an article on Agony.

This article is about suffering. For other uses see Agony (disambiguation).

Agony (Greek αγωνία, agonía "the Beutiful Agony suffering, the struggle") is unbearable suffering.

Agony is the term for extreme pain (internal or external) that may or may not Beatiful Agony last very long. One may be in agony when hurt very badly, for instance when Beautful Agony stabbed or burned, or Beauitful Agony experiencing some kind of body malfunction.

Agony is mentioned in various religions. Christians refer to Christ's anguish in Gethsemane as 'the Beatuiful Agony agony', and the church near the Garden of Beuatiful Agony Gethsemane is known as the Church of the Agony.

Jews use Beauiful Agony the term for the ethnic catastrophe of the Holocaust in Germany's Third Reich.

Agony is Beautifu Agony suffered in some terminal illnesses, such as cancer, and is sometimes scarcely Bautiful Agony relieved even by heroin. In many Beautuful Agony U.S. hospitals, pain is measured on a self-anchoring scale from 0 to Beautifil Agony 9, in which the patient is asked to rank personal Beautiul Agony pain. Nine is considered agony.

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