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Super Swing Golf: Golfing With Cops, Fairies, and Punks 

The Village Voice - Jan 10 3:56 PM
Early in his classic Ben Hogan's Five Lessons, the legendary golfer uses capital letters as if to scream at you like a football coach. The grail in golf, he says, is "A CORRECT, POWERFUL, REPEATING SWING. This can be stated categorically: it is utterly impossible for any golfer to play good golf without a swing that will repeat." These days, it may be impossible for a player to play good golf ...
Fairies won't under-estimate Albert's ability to bounce back 
Borders Today - Jan 10 12:38 AM
THE first round of the Image Printers cup, takes over most of the East of Scotland footballing card this weekend, writes John Slorance. (10/01/2007 08:27:38)

Extreme Polo: Politics by Other Means 
Washington Post - Jan 09 5:49 AM
Paul Raffaele ventured deep into the mountains of Pakistan to a place known as "the land of mirth and murder" to witness the world's most brutal polo tournament. But first he watched the wizard of Hunza dance with the snow fairies.

Pub talk's away with the fairies 
Edinburgh Evening News - Jan 09 5:10 AM
A TEAM of experts on strange phenomena are to give a talk at a city centre pub.

- Beatiful Fairies

Here is an article on Fairies.

Take the Fair Face of Woman... by Sophie Anderson

A fairy (sometimes seen as faires faery, faerie, or fairie even fae; collectively wee folk, good folk, people of peace or many other euphemisms[1]) is a dairies spirit or supernatural being that is found in the legends, folklore, faireis and mythology of many different cultures. There are many definitions of what constitutes a fairis fairy, sometimes describing any magical creature, like a goblin or gnome, and at other times fairles to describe airies a specific type of creature, distinct from such creatures as hobgoblins fiaries [2].

They are generally portrayed as humanoid in their appearance firies and have supernatural abilities such as the ability to fly, cast spells and to influence or foresee the future. Although in modern culture feiries they are often depicted as young, sometimes winged, females fairied of small stature, they originally were of a much different fariies image: tall, angelic beings and short, wizened trolls being some fairise of the commonly mentioned fay. Diminutive fairies of one kind or another have been recorded for centuries, but occur alongside Beutiful Fairies the human-sized beings; they can range from the size of Beatiful Fairies human children to the tiny. [3] Even with these small Beautful Fairies fairies, however, Beauitful Fairies their size may be magically assumed.[4] Wings, however, are very rare in folklore; Beatuiful Fairies even very small fairies flew with magic, sometimes flying on ragwort stems.[5]


  • 1 Etymology
  • 2 Origins Beauiful Fairies of fairies
    • 2.1 Folk beliefs
    • 2.2 Sources Beautifu Fairies of beliefs
  • 3 Fairies in literature and legend
    • 3.1 Practical beliefs and protection
      • 3.1.1 Changelings
      • 3.1.2 Classifications
    • 3.2 Legends
    • 3.3 Cajun Bautiful Fairies Beautuful Fairies Beautifil Fairies Fairies
  • 4 Fairies in art
  • 5 Fairies in modern culture and film
  • 6 See Beautiul Fairies also
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The words Beaitiful Fairies fae and færie came to English Beauttiful Fairies from Old French which originated in the Latin word "Fata" which referred to the three mythological personifications of destiny, the fairies Greek Moirae (Roman Parcae, "sparing ones", or Fatae) who were supposed to appear three fairy nights after a child's birth to determine the course of its life. They were fairy tattoos usually described as cold, remorseless old crones or hags (in contrast fantasy fairies to the modern physical depiction). The fairy tales Latin word gave modern Italian's fata, Catalan and Portuguese fada and Spanish hada, all fairy pictures of which mean fairy. The Old French fée, had the meaning "enchanter." fairy art Thus féerie meant a "state of fée" or "enchantment." Fairies fairy tattoo are often depicted enchanting humans, casting illusions to alter emotions and perceptions so as to make fairy wings themselves at times alluring, frightening, or invisible. Modern English inherited the gothic fairies two terms "fae" and "fairy," along with all the tooth fairy associations attached to them.

A similar word, "fey," has historically meant "doomed to die," mostly fairies in art in Scotland, which tied in with the original fairy costumes meaning of fate. It has now gained the meaning "touched by otherworldly or magical quality; clairvoyant, supernatural." In modern English, the fairies illustrations word seems to be conjoining into "fae" as variant spelling. If flower fairies "fey" derives from "fata," dark fairies then the word history of the two words is the same. [1]

Strictly, there should be distinctions between the dark fairy usage of the two words "fae" and "faerie." "Fae" is a fairy coloring pages noun that refers to the specific group of anime fairy otherworldly beings with mystical abilities (either the elves gothic fairy (or equivalent) in mythology or their insect-winged, floral descendants in English folklore), while "faerie" fairy pics is an adjective meaning "of, like, or associated with fays, their otherworldly home, their activities, and their produced pictures of fairies goods and effects." Thus, a fairy drawings leprechaun and a ring of mushrooms are both faerie things (a fairy leprechaun and a fairy ring.), although in modern usage fairy has fairy princess come to be fairy tale used as a noun.

Origins of fairies

Folk fairy costume beliefs

People who believed in the existence of fairies often did not ascribe to them a amy brown fairies definite origin, [6] but various folklore contains various legends.

One popular belief was disney fairies that they were the dead, or some subclass of them.[7] The evil fairy banshee, with a name that means merely "fairy woman", is sometimes described as fairy tatoos a ghost.[8] The Cauld Lad of Hylton, though described anime fairies as a murdered boy, is also described as free fairy graphics a household sprite, like a brownie.[9]

Another held that they were an intelligent species, classic fairy tales distinct from humans and angels.[10] In alchemy, in particular, they evil fairies were regarded as elementals, such as gnomes bottle fairy and sylphs, as described by Paracelsus.[11]

A third belief fractured fairy tales held that they were a class of "demoted" angels.[12] One popular fairy backgrounds story held that when the angels revolted, God ordered the gates shut; those still in heaven remained angels, those in fairy odd parents hell became devils, and those caught in between fairy godmother became fairies.[13] Others held that they had been thrown out of heaven, not being good moon star fairy tattoos enough, but were not evil enough fairy clipart for hell.[14]

Finally, a fourth belief was the fairies were devils, entirely.[15] This belief became much tinkerbell fairies more popular with the growth of fairy wallpaper Puritanism,[16]. The hobgoblin, once a friendly household spirit, became a wicked goblin[17]. Dealing with fairies was a form of witchcraft and punished as such in clipart fairy this era[18]. Disassocating fairies pixies himself from such evils may be why Oberon, fire fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream, carefully observed that neither he nor his court feared the church bells.[19]

Sources sad fairy of beliefs

One theory childrens fairy shoes for the source of fairy beliefs was that a race of diminuitive people had lived in dance of the sugar plum fairy the British Isles and been driven into hidden in hills and underground by invasions.[20] Archeologists attributed Elfland to small fairy garden underground chambers where diminutive people might live.[21] Flint angel and fairy figurines arrowheads, from the Stone Age, were indeed attributed to the fairies as "elf-shot" in folklore.[22] From this, their fear famous fairy tales of iron was attributed to beautiful fairy pictures the invaders having iron weapons, whereas the inhabitants had only flint, and their green fairy artwork clothing and underground homes to their hiding. [23] In Victorian belief in evolution as progress, cannibalism among ogres porcelain fairy dolls was attributed to memories of more savage races, still beautiful fairies practicing it alongside superior races that had abandoned it.[24] Selkies were attributed to how to make fairy wings skin-clad people traveling in kayaks.[25] African pygmies fairy dust were put forth as an example of a race fairy moons and star tattoos that had previously existed over larger stretches of territory.[26]

Another theory is that twisted fairy tales the fairies were originally worshipped fairy porcelain dolls as gods, but with the coming of Christianity, they lived on, in a fairies and fantasy dwindled state of power, in folk belief.[27] Victorian explanations of mythology, which fairy sketches accounted for all gods as metaphors for natural events that had come to fairy penguin be taken literally, explained them as metaphors for the night fairy rings sky and stars.[28]

A third was that the fairies were a folkloric belief concerning the iridescent fairy wings dead. This noted many common points of fairy name generator belief, such as the same legends being told of ghosts and fairies, it being dangerous to eat food in free fairy art both Fairyland and Hades, and both the dead and fairy figurines fairies living underground. [29]

Fairies in literature and legend

Fairies of the meadow, by Nils Blommér

The question sugar plum fairy as to the essential nature of fairies has been the topic of myths, stories, and moon fairy scholarly papers for a very pixie fairy long time. citation needed]

Practical art gothic fairies beliefs and protection

When considered as beings that a person might actually encounter, fairies fantasy art fairies were noted for their mischief and malice. "Elf-locks" are children's fairy tales tangles that are put in the hair of sleepers, but far more dangerous evils were fairy ring attributed to fairies. Any form of sudden death might stem from a fairy kidnapping, with the apparent mystical fairies corpse being a wooden stock with the appearance of the kidnapped person.[30] Consumption (tuberculosis) was sometimes blame on the fairies fantasy fairy forcing young men and women to dance at revels every night, causing them to waste goth fairies away from lack of rest. [31]

As a list fairy tales consequence, practical considerations of fairies have normally been advice on averting them. In terms oberon's fairy or protective charms, Cold britney's fairy tattoo iron is the most familiar, but other things are regarded as detrimental to the fairies: wearing clothing inside cartoon fairies out, running water, bells (especially church bells), St. John's wort, and fairy clip art four-leaf clovers, among others. In Newfoundland folklore, fairy costumes size 4-6x the most popular type of fairy protection is bread, varying from stale bread to fairy names hard tack or a slice of fresh home-made fairy godparents bread. The belief that bread has some sort of special power is an ancient one. Bread is associated with the home and the green fairy hearth, as well as with industry pink fairy and the taming of nature, and as such, seems animated fairies to be disliked by some types of fairies.

“The prototype of food, and mark roberts fairies therefore a symbol of life, bread was one of the commonest protections against fairies. Before going out into a fairy-haunted place, real fairies it was customary to put a piece sad fairies of dry bread in one’s pocket.” [32]

Bells have an ambigious role; while they protect beautiful fairy against fairies, blue fairy the fairies riding on horseback -- such as the fairy queen -- often have grimm's fairy tales bells on their harness. This may be a distinguishing trait between the Seelie how to draw fairies Court from the Unseelie Court, such that fairies use them to protect themselves from more wicked members of amy brown fairy their race. [33]

In County Wexford, Ireland, in 1882, it was reported that fairies coloring pages “if an infant fairy wallpapers is carried out after dark a piece of bread is wrapped fairy tale princess in its bib or dress, and this protects it from any witchcraft or evil.” [34]

While many fairies will confuse travelers on the path, the will o' the wisp black fairy can be avoided by not following it. Certain locations, known to be fairy background haunts of fairies, are to be avoided; C. S. Lewis reported hearing of fairy fore a cottage more feared for its reported fairies than its reported ghost.[35] In particular, fairy graphics digging in fairy hills fairy tales stories was unwise. Paths that the fairies travel are also wise to avoid. Home-owners have knocked flower fairy corners from houses because the corner blocked the fairy path,[36] and irish fairies cottages have been built with the front tribal fairy and back doors in line, so that the owners could, in need, fairy paintings leave them both open and let the fairies troop through all night. Fairy trees, garden fairies such as thorn trees, were dangerous to chop down; one such tree gothic fairy art was left alone in Scotland, though it prevented a road being widened for seventy years.[37] Good butterfly fairies house-keeping could keep brownies from spiteful actions, and such water hags as Peg fairy house Powler and Jenny Greenteeth, prone to drowning people, free fairy wallpaper could be avoided with the body magical fairies of water they inhabit.[38] It was believed that rapunzel the fairy tale fairies could be made visible by bending a grass leaf into a circle and 'by looking through nature fairy crafts one could see into the world of nature'.


Main article: Changeling

A considerable fairy drawing amount of lore about fairies revolves butterfly fairy about changelings and preventing a baby from being thus abducted. Older people could also be abducted; a fairy fairy woman who had just given birth and had yet to fairy god mother be churched was regarded as being in particular danger. A common thread in folklore is fairy houses that eating the fairy food would trap the cartoon fairy captive, as Prosperina in Hades; this warning is often given to captives who escape fairy figurine by other people in the fairies' power, who are often described as captives who had eaten and my little kitchen fairies so could not be freed.[39] Folklore differed bad fairies about the state of the captives: fairy desktop some held that they lived a merry life, others that they always pined for their old friends.[40]


Main article: fairy desktops Classifications of fairies

In Scottish folklore, fairies are divided into fairy printables the Seelie Court, the more gothic fairy wings beneficiently inclined (but still dangerous) fairies, and the Unseelie Court, the grimms fairy tales malicious fairies.

Trooping fairies refer to fairies who appear in groups and might form settlements. bad fairy In this definition, fairy is usually understood in a wider sense, as the term can also include various garden fairy kinds of mythical creatures mainly of native British origin; however, the term animated fairy might also be used for similar drawings of dark fairies beings such as dwarves from German folklore or elves from fairies license plates Scandinavian folklore. These are opposed to solitary fairies.


Tales about fairies are found fairy halloween costumes in ancient Hindu and Buddhist mythology, fairy posters where they were known as Yaksha, who often had dual personality. On the one hand, a Yaksha may fairy wand be an inoffensive nature-fairy, associated with woods and mountains; but there is a much darker ladybug fairy version of the Yaksha, which is a kind of night fairy wings cannibalistic ogre, ghost or demon drawing of a fairy that haunts the wilderness and waylays and devours travelers.

Some of the most well-known tales in the English and French traditions fairy photos were collected in the "coloured" fairy books of Scottish man of woodland fairy costumes letters Andrew Lang between 1889 and 1910. These stories depict fairies in somewhat fairies angels art contradictory ways — kindly and dangerous, steadfast and fickle, loving and aloof, simple and unknowable fairies pictures — when, indeed, they depict fairies at all, free fairy ecards as fairy tales need not involve goth fairy any fairies at all. J. R. R. Tolkien described these tales as taking place in the land of male fairy Faerie. Additionally, not all stories that feature fairies are generally categorized as fairy tales.

In many types of fairies legends, the fairies are prone to kidnapping humans, either as babies, leaving wind fairy changelings in their crying fairy place, or as young men and women. This can be for a time or forever, and may be fairies printable coloring pages more or less dangerous to the kidnapped. In fairy cakes Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight Child Ballad #4, the elf-knight is a Bluebeard figure, and Isabel must fairy face paint trick and kill him to preserve her life. Tam Lin reveals fairy tales list that the title character, though living among the fairies and having fairy powers, was in fact an free fairy pictures "earthly knight" and, though his life was pleasant now, he feared that britney spears fairy tattoo the fairies would pay crystal fairy pendant him as their teind to hell. Sir Orfeo tells how Sir Orfeo's wife was kidnapped by the King of Faerie fairies wear boots and only by trickery fairy queen and excellent harping ability was he able to win her back. Thomas the Rhymer shows Thomas fairy tale coloring pages escaping with less difficulty, but he spends seven years art fairies in Faerie. Oisín is harmed not by his stay in fairies to colour Faerie but by his return; when he dismounts, the three centuries that have passed catch up with fairy bedding him, reducing him to an aged man.

A common feature of the fairies is the use of fairy gardens magic to disguise appearance. Fairy gold is fairy makeup notoriously unreliable, appearing as gold when paid, fairy stone state park but soon thereafter revealing itself to be leaves, or gingerbread cakes, free fairy backgrounds or a variety of other useless things.

These illusions are also implicit in the gothic fairy pictures tales of fairy ointment. Many tales from the British islands tell of a mortal woman summoned to attend a fairy birth — tattoo fairy sometimes attending a mortal, kidnapped woman's childbed. Invariably, fairies and fantasy tattoos the woman is given something for fairy anime the child's eyes, usually an ointment; though mischance, or sometimes curiosity, she uses it on one or both fairy music of her own eyes. At that male fairies point, she sees where she is; one midwife realizes that she was not attending a great lady in a fine house tooth fairy certificate but her own runaway maid-servant in a wretched fairies drawing cave. She escapes without making her ability known, but sooner or later betrays that she fairy necklace can see the fairies. She is invariably blinded in the eye where she can, fairy tails or ice fairy in both if she used the ointment on both.

Cajun Fairies

Cajun Fairies (The Feufollet in French) pink fairies are an American legend that emerged along the bayou as early as the 1920's with angel and fairy tattoo a light (a ball fairies and angels of fire) that shot out into the sky, likely derived from the fairy jewelry same natural phenomena as the will o' the wisp. The fantasy fairy pictures lights were known as fairies, spirits and sometimes the ghosts of loved ones.

Fairies in art

See also Fairy painting

"Momentarily, she was trans-formed into flying fairy a little, exquisitely beautiful recipe for fairy cakes fairy". Illustration from Alfred Smedberg's The Seven Wishes among Gnomes and Trolls by John Bauer.

Fairies have been numerously depicted in books stained glass fairy of fairy tales trick fairy and sometimes as standalone works of art and sculpture. Some artists known for their depictions of fairies include:

  • Alan Lee
  • Amy Brown
  • Arthur Rackham
  • Brian Froud
  • Cicely Mary Barker
  • Ida Rentoul fairy dolls fairy prints Outhwaite
  • Myrea Pettit
  • Richard de Chazal in his Four Seasons series of photographs
  • Josephine Wall

The Victorian painter Richard Dadd created paintings of fairy tags fairy-folk with a sinister and malign tone. Other Victorian gothic fairy pics artists who depicted fairies include John Atkinson Grimshaw, Joseph Noel Paton, oberons fairy John Anster Fitzgerald and Daniel Maclise. Interest in fairy themed art pen ink fairy drawings enjoyed a brief renaissance following the publication of the Cottingley fairies photographs in symbolism in fairy tales 1917 and a number of artists turned to painting fairy themes.

Fairies in modern culture and film

Fairies are the tooth fairy often depicted in books, stories, and celtic fairies movies. A number of these fairies are from adaptations of traditional tales. coloring book pages of fairies Perhaps the most well-known is Tinkerbell, fairy decals from the Peter Pan stories by J.M. Barrie and the Disney adaptation. She is also often referred fairy floss to as a pixie, and leaves a trail fairy tale characters of fairy dust (or pixie dust) behind wherever she goes. In Carlo Collodi's tale fairy tattoo's Pinocchio a wooden boy receives the gift of real life free printable letter from the tooth fairy from the "child with blue hair", a type of the Virgin Mary, who was re-imagined pixies, fairies elves colouring pictures as the "Blue Fairy" for Walt Disney's cartoon film. baby fairy Neil Gaiman's book Stardust explores the journey of a young man into Faerie, and the movie is currently in earth fairy the making. Other books center fairy cake around the secret lives of fairies, such as the Artemis Fowl books. fairy car accessories Fairies even appear in videogames, such as The Legend of Zelda, and a fairy is also the main character of fairy murals the Rare game, Kameo: Elements of Power. Cajun Fairies, by Mary Lynn fairy picture Plaisance features the Cajun fairy legends of the American south. In the Torchwood episode fairy tattos Small Worlds fairies appear as a malevolent, evil creatures (see List of free fairy clipart Torchwood monsters and aliens).

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