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New York Post - Jan 11 3:27 AM
Chelsea$1.18 million Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Square feet: 1,500 Maintenance: $2,659 This West 21st Street co-op proves that in real estate the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. In this case, two townhouse apartments form a "fabulous"...
Pimp My John 
WGRZ-TV Buffalo - Jan 10 6:53 PM
Forget everything you've ever thought about bathrooms. Meet the pimped out john from Roto Rooter. "This is the seat of power." Roto Rooter is trying to re-introduce itself to a new generation so the company is giving away the ultimate throne. A toilet with everything but the kitchen sink.

This Home Is Located Seconds Away From The Heart Of Thousand Oaks 
The Acorn - Jan 11 12:17 AM
This single-story home in Thousand Oaks features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has been upgraded with true maple hardwood floors, base and crown molding, and recessed lighting. It is freshly painted and is in move-in condition.

This Lake Sherwood Home Is Located Along A Private Cove 
The Acorn - Jan 11 12:17 AM
This Lake Sherwood home is located along a private cove and has 5 bedrooms including two master suites, 5 bathrooms and four fireplaces. The kitchen has dual center islands, granite slab counters and a breakfast nook. A large room could be a den, office or family room with a deck overlooking the lake. The lawn is large and there is a private boat slip.

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A typical American bathroom

A bathroom is a room Beutiful Bathrooms that may have different functions depending on the cultural context it is used in.

Types of bathrooms

In its Beatiful Bathrooms literal sense, the word "bathroom" means "a room with a bath", Beautful Bathrooms but as baths have partly made way for showers Beauitful Bathrooms and steam showers, the more general sense of "a room where one bathes" makes more Beatuiful Bathrooms sense. There can be just a shower or just a bathtub or Beuatiful Bathrooms both, sometimes combined and Beauiful Bathrooms sometimes separate (in which case the bathtub may have a second shower). Usually, Beautifu Bathrooms it also contains a handbasin or lavatory (USA) and often also a toilet.

In the United States, "bathroom" commonly means Bautiful Bathrooms "a room containing a toilet" (in other countries this is usually Beautuful Bathrooms called "toilet" or alternatively "water closet" (or "WC"), or Beautifil Bathrooms "lavatory"). In America they are categorized as full bathroom, containing a Beautiul Bathrooms bathtub, a shower, a toilet, and a lavatory; half (1/2) Baeutiful Bathrooms bath containing a toilet and a lavatory; and 3/4 bath containing a toilet, a Beaautiful Bathrooms lavatory, and a shower. The word is also used in the U.S. for a public toilet.

A bathroom Beaitiful Bathrooms directly connected to a bedroom is often called an en-suite bathroom. Its use is Beauttiful Bathrooms primarily intended for the occupants of that bedroom only. In French the term literally means "a following", in this case referring to the bathroom being part of the bedroom it is attached to.[1] A bathroom adjacent to or directly connected to the master bedroom is generally called the master bathroom, unless it is shared by other bedrooms or the house only has one bathroom.

The Jack & Jill Bathroom normally pretend to be two separate bathrooms because it has two different access and two sinks; however, the toilet, bathtub and shower are privately shared on an internal room.

Design considerations

The design of a bathroom must account for the use of both hot and cold water, in significant quantities, for cleaning the human body. The water is also used for moving solid and liquid human waste to a sewer or septic tank. Water may be splashed on the walls and floor, and hot humid air may cause condensation on cold surfaces. From a decorating point of view the bathroom presents a challenge. Ceiling, wall and floor materials and coverings should be impervious to water and readily and easily cleaned. The use of ceramic or glass, as well as smooth plastic materials, is common in bathrooms for their ease of cleaning. However, such surfaces are often cold to the touch and so water-resistant bath mats or even bathroom carpets may be used on the floor to make the room more comfortable. Alternatively, the floor may be heated, possibly by strategically placing heater conduits close to the surface.

Electrical appliances, such as lights, heaters and heated towel rails generally need to be installed as fixtures, with permanent connections rather than plugs and sockets. This minimises the risk of electric shock. Ground-fault circuit interruptor electrical sockets can reduce the risk of electric shock, and are required for bathroom socket installation by electrical and building codes in the United States and Canada. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, only special sockets suitable for electric shavers are permitted in bathrooms, and are labelled as such.

Bathrooms can also be a source of decorative inspiration. One can easily decorate the bathroom by choosing shower curtains or cubicles to match a theme.

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