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Smile With Confidence 

Wellsville Daily Reporter - 1 hour, 18 minutes ago
(ARA) - The confidence that accompanies an attractive smile goes a long way. You know, one that's bright, white and fresh. In order to achieve this, you need to have a healthy mouth.
Fun New Bracket Jacketz(TM) Website Allows Kids to Design and Email Their Smile, Find Orthodontist 
SYS-CON Media - 52 minutes ago
that allows kids to see how their smile would look with Bracket Jacketz and then email the design to a friend. The website also provides information to orthodontists about the features and benefits of Bracket Jacketz and how to order the groundbreaking product.

With music and a smile, woman hits 104 years old 
The Monitor - Jan 11 5:01 AM
McALLEN - It is hard to believe, watching the palsied woman in the blue cardigan tolerantly smile at a mariachi band, that Tiance Fryer once punched a horse in the face....

Fun New Bracket Jacketz(TM) Website Allows Kids to Design and Email Their Smile, Find Orthodontist 
[Press Release] PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance - Jan 11 2:00 AM
Bracket Jacketz, the Company that invented fun and colorful interchangeable clips for braces, today launched a new website -- -- that allows kids to see how their smile would look with Bracket Jacketz and then email the design to a friend.

- Beatiful Smile

Here is an article on Smile.

A natural smile without teeth showing
A natural smile with teeth showing

In physiology, a Beatiful Smile smile is a facial expression formed by flexing muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth, but Beautful Smile also around the eyes. Among humans, it is Beauitful Smile customarily an expression of pleasure or amusement, but can also be an involuntary expression of anxiety, in Beatuiful Smile which case it Beuatiful Smile can be known as a grimace. There is much evidence that smiling is a normal reaction to certain Beauiful Smile stimuli and occurs regardless of culture. Happiness most often causes the smile to occur, though. Many Beautifu Smile studies indicate that smiling is Bautiful Smile an innate reaction, as children blind from birth, and even human fetuses smile; however feral children generally do not smile, perhaps lending evidence to the contrary, Beautuful Smile perhaps indicating Beautifil Smile the profound psychological disturbance that results in a member of a social species brought up with no elders or Beautiul Smile peers. Among animals, the exposure of teeth, which may bear a resemblance to Baeutiful Smile a smile, are often used as a threat - known as a Beaautiful Smile snarl - or a sign of submission. In Beaitiful Smile chimpanzees, it can be a sign of fear.

Smiling not only changes a facial expression, but can also Beauttiful Smile make the brain produce endorphins which reduce physical and emotional pain, and give a greater sense of well-being.


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Types of smiles

An example of the "Pan American smile".

Researchers have identified a number of different types of smiles.

  • The "Duchenne smile", after the researcher Guillaume Duchenne, is the most studied, and involves the movement of both the zygomaticus major muscle near the mouth and the orbicularis oculi muscle near the eyes. An example of the smile is shown in the girl's smile in the middle of the page. It is believed that the Duchenne smile is only produced as an involuntary response to genuine emotion, and is therefore what one could call the "genuine" smile. Due to the involvement of the muscle near the eyes, it is sometime said that one can tell whether or not a smile is "real" by whether or not it "reaches the eyes".
  • The "Pan American smile", on the other hand, is the voluntary smile involving only the zygomaticus major muscle to show politeness; for example, by a flight attendant on the former airline of the same name. Considered "insincere", this type of smile has also been called the "Professional Smile" by David Foster Wallace in his comedic short story A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again".


  • During the 1988 Summer Olympics (Games of the XXIV Olympiad) held in Seoul, the South Korean government made smiling a national decree for its citizens.


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  • Song "Smiles are made out of the Sunshine" by Unknown
  • Scanner shows unborn babies smile

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