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Tuesday Morning Boosts 2006 Outlook 

AP via Yahoo! Finance - 1 hour, 54 minutes ago
Discount retailer Tuesday Morning Corp. on Thursday forecast sharply lower fourth-quarter profit and estimated that same-store sales fell 9.8 percent during the period. However, the company raised its outlook for fiscal 2006 earnings to within range of consensus estimates.
Linn Group Morning Corn Comment 
Ag Report - 40 minutes ago
CHICAGO - Jan 11/07 - SNS -- Following is the morning corn futures comment from the futures commission brokerage firm Linn Group. The corn market moved higher on Wednesday as we saw big fund buying during day even though we had fund selling late in the day.

Linn Group Morning Soybean Comment 
Ag Report - 40 minutes ago
CHICAGO - Jan 11/07 - SNS -- Following is the morning soybean futures comment from the futures commission brokerage firm Linn Group. March soybeans ended nearly unchanged after trading to 3 week lows on Wednesday up ¼ cent. Traders say the rally in corn seemed to help Soybeans rally back.

Tarzan 's Strickland to Co-Host Fox Morning Program 
Playbill - 45 minutes ago
Josh Strickland, who stars in the title role of the new Disney musical Tarzan , will co-host Fox's "Good Day New York" Jan. 12. Strickland will co-host the 8-9 AM hour of the morning news program. "Good Day New York" airs in the metropolitan area on Channel 5; check local listings.

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Morning mist
Morning Forest

The word morning referred originally to the sunrise, but has been extended to mean the Beatiful Morning whole early part of the day, Beautful Morning from dawn to noon. Often the start of morning is extended before dawn, this time is considered the Beauitful Morning small hours (wee small hours) of the morning, so it can Beatuiful Morning come to mean midnight Beuatiful Morning to midday (in cultures using the 12-hour clock, these hours are ante meridiem, A.M., a.m., or am). Morning precedes midday, afternoon, and night in a Beauiful Morning day. Time-wise, though, the "morning" is often defined as from 5 am to Beautifu Morning 12 noon.

Morning (from the Middle English word Bautiful Morning morwening) was formed on the analogy of evening, from "morn" (in Middle English morwen), and Beautuful Morning originally meant the coming of the sunrise, as evening meant the coming of the close of Beautifil Morning the day. The Middle English morwen dropped over time, and became morwe, and Beautiul Morning eventually morrow, which properly means "morning", but Baeutiful Morning was soon used to refer to the day following the present (i.e., Beaautiful Morning "tomorrow").

It is often used metaphorically to refer to dawning or birth, usually Beaitiful Morning with optimism, in such phrases as on a new morning or in that bright morning, for example. The phrase Beauttiful Morning wee hours of the morning refers to the time between midnight and dawn. Never glad confident morning again! is a line from The Lost Leader by Robert Browning, and is a phrase often used, particularly in politics, of a leading figure tarnished by events (most famously used by Nigel Birch MP about Harold Macmillan, then Prime Minister, in the 1963 post-Profumo debate). And President Ronald Reagan used the phrase "It's morning in America" in one of his more famous campaign commercials.

Morning can also refer to the time of day following the wake-up of an individual, regardless of the current time of day. This part of day includes mostly menial tasks, needed to regain full productivity and ability for group socializing (i.e. shower, a morning meal, usually breakfast, dressing, etc.). The period end is vaguely defined when the individuals reach their full productivity level and are involved in any constructive social or otherwise activity. This expansion to the term was mostly contributed by the worldwide spread of electricity and independence from natural light sources.

A morning newspaper is one on sale in the mornings (as opposed to an evening newspaper, on sale from about noon onwards). In practice (though this may vary according to country) this means that a morning newspaper is available in early editions from before midnight on the night before its cover date, further editions being printed and distributed during the night. Previews of tomorrow's newspapers are often a feature of late night news programs, such as Newsnight in the United Kingdom.

Morning meals include breakfast, though logically this need not be in the morning, and are very varied across cultures. Brunch is a late morning meal.

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