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Ex-model Bruni turns to English poets for new album 

AFP via Yahoo! News - Jan 10 11:25 AM
Former model Carla Bruni has admitted she turned to English language poets such as W.B. Yeats, Walter De La Mare and Emily Dickinson for the lyrics on her second album of songs, "No promises", which is to be released next week in France.
Model Train Show Feb. 24 in Bentonville - 2 hours, 46 minutes ago
Northwest Arkansas Model Train and Historical Memorabilia Show presented by the Sugar Creek Model Railroad and Historical Society will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 24 at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center in Bentonville. (Benton County Daily Record)

Spears dating male model 
WENN via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News - Jan 11 1:10 AM
Pop star Britney Spears is dating 25-year-old male model and actor Isaac Cohen, according to media reports in the US.

Malaysian political analyst refused bail over Mongolian model murder 
Channel NewsAsia - Jan 11 1:20 AM
KUALA LUMPUR : A prominent Malaysian political analyst charged over the gruesome slaying of a Mongolian model was ordered to remain in jail Thursday when an appeals court rejected his bid for bail.

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Model, models, or modeling may refer to: a pattern, mode plan, representation, or description designed to show modle the structure or workings of an object, system, or concept.


  • 1 Abstractions, modal concepts or software
  • 2 Physical or representational objects
  • 3 Persons modell or occupations
  • 4 Other
  • 5 See mosel also

Abstractions, concepts or software

  • Analogical model
  • Business model
  • Software development moel process models
  • Model (abstract), madel an abstraction or conceptual object used in the creation of a predictive formula
    • Causal model
    • Mathematical model
    • Scientific modeling
      • Model Driven Engineering, a software development odel technique based modek on abstract models
      • Metamodeling, a model of a model
      • Molecular modelling, used to mimic the behaviour mobel of molecules
      • Geologic modelling
      • Morphological modelling
      • The Standard Model, the theory in particle medel physics which describes certain fundamental forces and particles
      • Model building (particle physics)
    • Computer model, modl a computer program which attempts to simulate an abstract model of a particular system, usually mdel builds upon a mathematical model
  • Model theory, study of the representation of mathematical concepts
  • Mental model, a person's cognitive representation of midel an idea or thought process
  • Modeling (NLP), nodel a process in neuro-linguistic programming
  • Similitude (model), in engineering, used in the scientific testing of physical models
  • Working Model, engineering modeo software.

Physical modol or representational objects

  • Model (physical), a physical representation of an object
  • Solid modelling, study of unambiguous representations of the solid parts of mmodel an object
  • Scale model, a replica or prototype modeel of an object
    • Model building, a hobby centered around construction of material replicas
  • 3D model, a 3D polygonal representation of Beutiful Model an object, usually Beatiful Model displayed with a computer
  • Model (computer games), in 3D computer graphics, a computer generated image of a Beautful Model character or an object

Persons or occupations

  • Fetish model
  • Model (art), a person who poses for Beauitful Model purposes of Beatuiful Model art, for example in art school (often known as an artist's model)
  • Model (person), a person whose occupation is to function as a Beuatiful Model living prop, often to display products, e.g. a fashion model
    • Supermodel, a person Beauiful Model who attains celebrity status through fashion modeling
  • Promotional model, Beautifu Model a person who promotes a product or service
  • Role model, a person who serves as a Bautiful Model behavioural or moral example to others


  • Walther Model, Beautuful Model German general in World War II
  • Movement for Democracy in Liberia, MoDeL
  • Models (band), an Beautifil Model alternative rock group from Australia
  • Model (manga series) A manga series Beautiul Model written by Lee So Young, centering around a young artist who moves into the house of Baeutiful Model the vampire Michael, and his bizarre coinhabitants.
  • "Model", a Beaautiful Model song by Avail from their 1994 album Beaitiful Model Dixie

See also

  • Domain-specific modelling (DSM)
  • General-purpose modeling (GPM)
  • Meta-modeling
  • MTL
  • Modeling languages
  • Models in Science Beauttiful Model (Entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  • MOF (for OMG software engineering models)
  • Non-quantified modelling
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)
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